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IMLS Members - Supra

Intermountain MLS uses the Supra BTLE iBox (lockbox) in cooperation with either the XpressKEY™ or the eKEY™.
For showing activity and feedback on your listings you can login to SupraWEB. View the SupraWEB Guide for instructions on how to use SupraWeb. Instructions for assigning lockboxes to listings can be found in the guide as well.


The eKEY™ is a program that is installed onto a compatible PDA or smartphone. There are two different service levels available for the eKEY™:

  • Basic Service - allows access to lockboxes.
  • Professional Service - allows access to lockboxes as well as a daily download of the IMLS listings, the agent roster and showing activity on your listings.

The eKEY™ is billed monthly to a credit or debit card on file and is not on a lease, see the price list for the monthly cost of each service.

For more information on the eKEY™ and a complete list of all compatible devices click on the links below:

  • eKEY™ Installation Instructions:

Home Inspector Key Access (eKey Basic Access)

To be eligible for an eKey, a home inspector must meet the following requirements.

  • Background check including fingerprints (Clean/Approved)
  • E&O and general liability insurance
  • Valid Photo ID
  • Affiliate Membership
  • IMLS Membership (Setup fee and quarterly admin fees apply)



The Supra Bluetooth iBox is the standard lockbox that the IMLS uses. It is a Bluetooth lockbox that will only open through the use of either an XpressKEY™ or eKEY™. Unlike the keys, the lockboxes are purchased from IMLS, once you purchase the lockbox it is yours to keep. If you inactivate your license, you may sell your lockboxes to IMLS or another agent.

For more information on the BTLE iBox click on the links below:

Selling a lockbox? Fill out the Keybox Bill of Sale form and fax it in to transfer ownership.


For all billing, key support and update codes after IMLS hours you may contact Supra toll free at 1-877-699-6787 or you can visit their website at www.supraekey.com for more information.