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May 20, 2019
How do Office Exclusives work?

Office Exclusive listings are listings where the Seller has elected to exclude their listing from the MLS for marketing. (See section 1.3 of IMLS Rules & Regulations). The process to enter an Office Exclusive is the following:

  • Enter listing into Paragon as Office Exclusive (less required fields than a regular listing) by next business day after marketing begins
  • Upload completed & signed MLS Status Disclosure Form
  • Expire Automatically after 30 days
  • Can Not be used for "Coming Soon" Marketing
  • All Other marketing / showings allowed
  • Entered as Unpublished Sold after closing (not entered as pending in MLS)

Section1.3 Excluded Listings/Office Exclusive:
If the seller directs the listing agent not to disseminate the listing by the Service, the Participant may execute a valid marketing agreement as an “office exclusive”. This status cannot be used with “Coming Soon” or similar verbiage, in marketing.The listing shall be entered into the MLS system with an Excluded status by the next business day after the listing and/or property is marketed and/or advertised. The IMLS Status Disclosure Form (with Office Exclusive selected) must be executed and uploaded into the MLS System by any seller who directs their listing agent not to disseminate their listing by the Service. Once IMLS Status Disclosure Form (with Office Exclusive selected) is submitted to MLS,it is valid for up to 30 days. Upon the sale of the property, listing with sold price must be reported as an Unpublished Sold.

Have you see the ShowingTime Widget on the IMLS Dashboard?

You can find the ShowingTime Widget on the IMLS Gateway dashboard. You can access:
  • Feedback Received
  • Feedback Requested
  • Confirmed Appointments you've requested
  • Confirmed Appointments on your listings

Complete the Prefs Wizard & the message goes away!

When logging into Paragon the User Preferences Wizard appears. It continues to appear until the wizard has been completed.

Click "Start" and walk through the preferences. Here the Agent Image, Office Logo, Email Signature, and More can be configured. You DON"T have to make changes, just click NEXT to go through the steps of the Wizard. You can always return to the "User Preferences" to make changes at any time.