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May 13, 2019
Authentisign Signers using the same address?
If you have signers that are using the same email address it can be confusing for them if Simul-sign is the method chose in the Authentisign set-up. Using Sign In-line can be a way to ensure that each signer gets an email at separate times.

Get Driving Directions From Your Phone via ShowingTime

You can get driving directions from property to property on your smart phone (iOS or Android) using ShowingTime. You can view these from the ShowingTime app or email a link.

Here's a video to show you how:  (watch on Youtube)

Step 1: Create ShowingCart of the properties for which directions are needed

To Create the ShowingCart select listings then click "Actions" and choose "ShowingTime"

Choose order for properties manually or using "Smart Route"

Step 2: View ShowingCart on ShowingTime App

Step 3: Click on "Car" to get directions from your map/ GPS App

Then you're on your way to see the properties with navigation from your phone.

Coming Soon FAQ's
Here are some hints for the recent changes in the "Coming Soon" Rule

  • Coming Soon listings, must be entered into Paragon within 1 business day after marketing begins.
  • Coming Soon is a temporary status that will change to New after 14 days.
  • Coming Soon can be manually changed to New prior to 14 days.
  • To avoid a $100 fine, an MLS Status Disclosure Form must be uploaded to Associated Documents and the form must contain all the required signatures that are asked for on the form. This also goes for Office Exclusive listings.
  • Coming Soon listing cannot be shown by anyone. This would incur a fine of up to $1,000.
  • No Open Houses - an Open House is a Showing.
  • Coming Soon listings are different than New listings, in that they are not disseminated to 3rd party websites. However, they can be emailed and are integrated with Client Collab.
  • Coming Soon listings are just like any other listing as far as rules and requirements (except for showings). So, ask yourself, “what would I do if this didn’t have a Coming Soon status and just had a New or Active status”?
  • Your Coming Soon listing does not accumulate DOM until it changes to new.
  • New Construction listings won’t qualify for a Coming Soon status.
  • Can I use Office Exclusive instead of Coming Soon? No, Office Exclusive listings cannot be marketed with Coming Soon branding.
  • Do I have to create a Coming Soon listing if I’m not marketing in any way? No.