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May 07, 2019

Coming Soon FAQ's
Here are some hints for the "Coming Soon" Rule

  • Coming Soon listings, must be entered into Paragon within 1 business day after marketing begins.
  • Coming Soon is a temporary status that will change to New after 14 days.
  • Coming Soon can be manually changed to New prior to 14 days.
  • To avoid a $100 fine, an MLS Status Disclosure Form must be uploaded to Associated Documents and the form must contain all the required signatures that are asked for on the form. This also goes for Office Exclusive listings.
  • Coming Soon listing cannot be shown by anyone. This would incur a fine of up to $1,000.
  • No Open Houses - an Open House is a Showing.
  • Coming Soon listings are different than New listings, in that they are not disseminated to 3rd party websites. However, they can be emailed and are integrated with Client Collab.
  • Coming Soon listings are just like any other listing as far as rules and requirements (except for showings). So, ask yourself, “what would I do if this didn’t have a Coming Soon status and just had a New or Active status”?
  • Your Coming Soon listing does not accumulate DOM until it changes to new.
  • New Construction listings won’t qualify for a Coming Soon status.
  • Can I use Office Exclusive instead of Coming Soon? No, Office Exclusive listings cannot be marketed with Coming Soon branding.
  • Do I have to create a Coming Soon listing if I’m not marketing in any way? No.

Prospecting in CRS Data.

Use the Prospecting page to find and filter a list of property owners you’ll reach out to, and export or print mailing labels for the list.

Select Area Method: Basic

The first step is to select the counties you’ll be searching and the method by which you’ll search those counties.

Just click inside the box to see a list of available counties. Begin typing to narrow down that list. You can select up to three counties. Once you’ve set the correct counties, click the Update button.

Zip Codes

To search by zip codes, click the Zip Codes link. All of the zip codes for the counties you entered above will be displayed. Check the box next to each zip code you’d like to search, then click Update. Use the Remove All link to clear all the boxes if you’d like to start over.

After clicking Update, you’ll see fields for entering your specific prospecting criteria (see Prospect Criteria below).

Street Names

If you have specific streets you’d like to prospect, click the Street Names link and enter those names in the box. A list appears as you type. For broader results, just enter a partial street name. Click Update once you’re entered all the streets you need.

Then set your range by entering a range of addresses or by choosing all numbers on a street. You can even exclude streets from your results. Click Update once you’re ready to move to the next step (see Prospect Criteria below).

Individual Names

Your third option for prospecting is to enter the property owner’s name or property address or parcel ID. Click Individual Names for this option. Enter as much information as you have and click Search to find results.

Choose the appropriate names and click Add to List to move to the next step (see Prospect Criteria below).

Select Area Method: Additional Options

Some counties have additional filtering options for you to narrow down your initial search area.
Area Map

Click the Area Map link to select an area by drawing shapes over a map of the county. For example, to select the properties within a circular area, click the magnifying glass icon and choose Radius.

Then click the point on the map where you want to center your circle and drag outward, then click to set the size. Click “Include this shape” to choose that circular area and your prospecting list will be generated and you can move on to the Prospect Criteria section below.


To find properties in a specific subdivision, click the Subdivision link after entering your counties to search, then type the subdivision name in the box. You can enter more than one subdivision, or you can even type a partial name to widen your search results. Matches will show up as you type. Just click Update once you’ve entered the appropriate information to see your results, and read the Prospect Criteria section below for the next steps.

Radius Distance

Another way to search by a circular area is to click Radius Distance and enter an address or street name on which to center your circle. Choose a distance and Click Update to see the properties that match the street name and number you entered.

Once you see those matches, click Select next to the one that’s closest to the center of the area you’ll search. That will create a list for you that you can refine under the Prospect Criteria section below.

Prospect Criteria

After selecting your initial group of properties, you’ll now be able to select the specific criteria you have in mind for filtering your list. You can enter values or choose them from a drop-down for sale price, appraised value, acreage, square footage, sale date, and many more. As you enter values, your prospecting list shown beneath those fields automatically updates.

You can save these criteria to use again by clicking Save Criteria. You can also start over by clicking Clear Criteria.

As you review your filtered list, use the checkboxes next to the properties on the list to keep or remove any of them. For example, once you’ve checked all those you’d like to remove, click the Remove Checked link at the bottom of the list.

Click Proceed to Labels & Exports when you’re done refining your list.

Labels & Exports

Now that you’ve generated the list you need, you can export those records to a variety of file formats and even print a set of address labels.

Export/Label Options

Refine your list by removing those addresses with incomplete information or are duplicates. You can also choose how you want your list sorted.

You’ll also be able to choose the order for displaying the addressee’s first and last name, and you can use the property’s address or the owner’s address for the mailing.

Create/Export Merge Files

If you’re going to export a merge file, choose whether or not to include additional fields, then select your export type and click Export Files.

Create Labels

If you’ll be printing labels, customize the address by including or leaving off a title and deciding whether to include a second owner. You can even add to or replace the name with “Current Resident” or custom text.

All that’s left is to select your label type, file format (Word or PDF) and the label number you’d like to start your print job on. Once you’ve done these, click the Create Labels button to download your printer-ready file.

Note: You have a set number of exports available each month. You can always see how many exports are remaining at the top of the page.

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