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  • Help your clients learn how Homesnap works
  • RatePlug has New Features
  • Get clients "Hooked on Homesnap"
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April 29, 2019
Introduce your clients to Homesnap

Here is a quick video to educate your clients on how to work with you via Homesnap. This video is for them!

In the video items covered:
  • How to search by location
  • View property information
  • Drawing on the map to search
  • Commute time search
  • Using Filters for search
  • How to favorite a property (so you THEIR AGENT can see it)
  • How to communicate with YOU (their agent)

  New Pre-approval request, flyer templates, & a bold new look for your clients

RatePlug still lets you share accurate home payment estimates from your trusted lenders directly within any property listing you send your clients, but now the process to get your buyers asking questions about their financing earlier, to avoid snags later is more user friendly than ever!
  • No additional cost for IMLS members to participate*
  • Only promotes your trusted lending sources.
  • Delivers interactive, real-time mortgage programs, payments and qualifying information. When you display affordability factors on your listings, great things happen!
  • Informs you if your listing is eligible for special financing options (FHA, VA, USDA, etc.).
  • Includes Property Flyer Program for your listings (now with 15 available templates).
  • RatePlug users are selling homes 15% faster than non-users.
*lenders do pay a license fee to be displayed

Click here to learn more or take a couple of minutes to opt-in to this tool that is included for FREE as part of your core MLS Subscription!

Homesnap helps meet the challenges of today's client

Every industry is undergoing change and innovation, and real estate is no different. We’re living in an on-demand world in which home buyers and sellers seek control, convenience, and accessibility. Clients take an active role in the transaction process and expect their agent to use cutting-edge tech in collaboration with them.

Agents commonly find clients using third party search portals to keep tabs on the market. This leads to several challenges:

  • Inaccurate Data -- your client finds a home they believe is on the market, only to later be disappointed when you inform them that the property sold weeks ago. This leads to a frustrating experience for both you and your client.
  • Loss Of Control On Your Listings -- consumers request more information on a property they find on a third party search portal. Instead of being connected to you -- the actual listing agent -- they are routed to the highest bidding agent for that particular area -- not the agent who is most knowledgeable about that property.

How do you respond to these challenges? Get your clients hooked on Homesnap, which protects agents’ interests! That’s why Intermountain MLS has partnered with Homesnap, the industry-backed platform that always puts agents first.

With Homesnap Pro, agents…
  • Provide their clients with the same tool the pros use. It features real-time MLS data so both agents and clients can get an accurate understanding of market activity.
  • Get back control over their own listings. Homesnap follows Fair Display Guidelines, meaning the listing agent will receive all leads on their listing for free.
  • Enjoy a safe place to work with their clients. By inviting clients into Homesnap, a 1:1 branded relationship is formed between the agent and their client, protecting the relationship they worked hard to establish.
  • Can promote their brand and business across the top-reaching networks where consumers spend most of their time. Agents, it’s time to invest in the platform that makes you the center of the real estate transaction. Activate your Homesnap Pro account today and learn how to get your clients hooked on the industry platform that has your back!

Click the link below the flyer for more information!