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TAX Icon Missing On Your Nampa or Caldwell Listing? Here's the FIX!
Posted by Chris Peterson on Thursday, June 11, 2020 at 3:10 PM
Categories: Information
Listing a property and Missing the Tax Icon,  the "T" on your listings?

If you enter the parcel number correctly then it should be there. Paragon uses the parcel number of the listing to match the tax record of the property. If a number other than the parcel number is used, like an account number, then the icon is not added. Paragon is unable to link the tax record to the listing.

Canyon County has an account number that is used by the county. SOME TITLE COMPANIES DO NOT PROVIDE THE CORRECT PARCEL NUMBER. In Paragon Parcel Number is what should be entered in the listing. DO NOT USE THE ACCOUNT NUMBER!

The Tax Icon appears as a white "T" in a red square. If your listing is missing this and is in Canyon County  - the parcel number was entered incorrectly.

Above is the Paragon MLS Full Detail - indicating the tax icon. Only the listed counties have tax data (ALL OTHERS ARE FROM CRS DATA)

***Parcel Number is what should be entered - NOT ACCOUNT NUMBER***
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