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  • New Year - New IMLS Board of Directors
  • Seller Information from Paragon Collab Center
  • IMLS Watermarking Photos
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January 07, 2019
Meet your 2019 Board of Directors

2019 is a new year with new IMLS Board members. You can see a list of the IMLS Board of Directors here.

Paragon Seller Side of Collab Center

Would you like to provide your Seller with information on how their listing is doing on the market? The Seller Side of the Collab Center can do that for you. You can add your seller, choose their listing and get comps, views and other information from the Collab Center.

Here is a step by step handout that walks through adding and setting up your seller for the Collab Center

Below is a video that Covers this process:

setup-sell-side from Black Knight Financial Services on Vimeo.

IMLS will begin adding a watermark to all listing photos

Starting January 2, 2019 IMLS, though Paragon will begin watermarking photos that are uploaded to listings.

Reasons for Watermarking:
  • Makes images easy to identify if used without authorization
  • Strengthens our copyright claims
  • Combat image scraping
  • Protects IMLS Member investment
  • Protects Sellers

For an example of the watermark image click here.