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May 14, 2018
IMLS Rules Tip: Status Disclosure Form UPDATE!
The listing Broker must NOW Sign the MLS Status Disclosure Form for it to be complete! This is for Office Exclusives or Coming Soon Listings.

Link: MLS Status Disclosure Form

IMLS Rules Tip: Showing of Active Listings!
Active listings must be immediately (within 24 hours) available for showing. If they will not be available (because of an open house or other reason) they must be Office Exclusive or Coming Soon.

May 8, 2018 the way to enter Open Houses in Paragon changed. See how to enter an open house below!

To enter an open house:
1.) Go to Listing Maintenance
2.) To the right of the listing choose "Select an Action"

3.) Click on "Add/Edit Open House"
4.) Enter the information for your open house.

You can add multiple open houses on multiple days and times.

Searching for an Open House in Paragon

With the update to open houses, there is a new way to search for an open house.

1.) From the search menu chose "Tour And Open House"

2.) Enter your criteria (location, dates, etc) and click "search"

3.) The Open House search results appear in the Open House Detail View (you can choose another report from the "Reports" menu if you desire

4.) From the Full detail click on the "Open House" action icon to see the scheduled open houses.

The Open House information is displayed

The IMLS Rules Orientation Class Requirement for All Agents / Brokers

The IMLS Rules Class MUST be completed by the end of 2018 and then is required for everyone every 2 years and is available live or online. The online class requires a quiz to be completed and passed.

The class and quiz (online only) need to be completed by the end of this year for all agents & brokers.  Click on the links below to take the class online or register for a class.  If you took the rules class in New Member Orientation in 2017 or 2018, you will not be required to take the class until 2019 or 2020. 

1.) Click Here for the Online Class

The assessment below must be completed and all responses correct to be accepted. It's open book. Use the PDF handouts below for assistance. You will be required to enter your member contact information for verification of course completion.

2.) Click here for the Online Assessment

Here is the IMLS Rules Class Handout (violation chart & rules) - IMLS Rules w Violation Chart.pdf

Here is the Violation Chart - (https://www.imlsmembers.com/MemberFiles/ViolationChart.pdf)

You can also access this information from the IMLS Portal.  Look for the button below under Other Services and Tools.

Live Class Option

You may also take the live class at Intermountain MLS. Click Here to view class calendar and register. The Live Class is offered once monthly as IMLS Rules Orientation.