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May 07, 2018
When You Display Affordability on Your MLS Listings, Great Things Happen…

Over 1000 IMLS Agents are using RatePlug to help them sell homes RatePlug is a valuable tool that lets you share home payment affordability factors directly within any property listing you send your clients which can get your buyers asking questions about their financing earlier, to avoid snags later.
 • Displays only your trusted lending sources
 • Displays calculations based specifically on the listing being viewed
 • Delivers interactive, real-time mortgage programs, payments and qualifying information to the agent’s clients
 • Identifies special financing options available (FHA, VA, USDA, etc.)
 • Includes Property Flyer Program for your listings.

Click here to learn more or sign up for this tool that is included for FREE as part of your core MLS Subscription!
Click for more info on Rate Plug

How To Customize the Instanet Agent Dashboard:

Instanet has a brand-new look — part of this user-friendly upgrade is the fully-customizable Agent Dashboard; the homepage of your Instanet account. Click to view/print the Agent Dashboard User Guide

Just like glancing at your speed and gas gauges while you drive; the Instanet Agent Dashboard is meant to show you, at a glance, the most important and up-to-date things you would want to know about transaction management. Let’s learn how to customize it to best suit your needs.

You can see in the image below that I have 6 widgets on my Dashboard. Two are blue, and four resemble windows that allow you to see the important details within your account. (To find out the difference between blue and green widgets scroll to the bottom of this article). Don’t worry if your Dashboard looks different from mine — you can make yours look just like it, or you can customize it however you wish!

To start customizing your Dashboard click the “Stoplight Menu” in the upper right corner of the screen. Now you’ll see a row of available widgets; these are widgets that you could add to your screen. To add one, simply click and drag one of the blue or green boxes down to the right side of the Dashboard. TIP: You cannot drag one of the white boxes because those widgets are already on your Dashboard.

In the example below, I am dragging the blue Upload Document widget from the available widgets toolbar to the Dashboard.

Once I drop it on the Dashboard it lands on the right side of the page. Notice that the placeholder in the available widgets toolbar is now white.

Once on the Dashboard, you can click and drag it where you want it. In the case below, I’m dragging it across the page and I’m going to drop it under the blue “Start Signing” widget.

Below you can see a picture of the finished product; my Dashboard now has the blue “Document Upload” widget.

Now, let’s say that I decide that my Dashboard is too crowded, and I want to remove a widget. I can simply click the “X” in the upper-right corner of a widget to delete it. If I do that I won’t lose it; it will simply become an available widget in my available widget toolbar at the top. In the example below, I will click the “X” on the “Forms” widget.

Below, notice the “Forms” widget is now deleted and the Forms box in the available widgets toolbar is now green. I can get the “Forms” widget back on my Dashboard at anytime by clicking and dragging it out of the toolbar and back onto the Dashboard.

Now let’s see how to resize a widget — resize by placing your mouse cursor on the green triangle located in the lower right corner of any widget. In this case, we’re resizing the “Documents” widget. I can drag it down to make it taller and to the right to make wider.

You can see in the image below, my “Documents” widget is bigger and shows more documents now. Try different sizes for your widgets until you get it just right for you!

When you’re finished customizing your Dashboard you can hide the available widgets toolbar by clicking on the “Stoplight Menu.” When you click the stoplight, the toolbar will disappear. Hiding the available widget toolbar gives you more room on your Dashboard.

This next step is optional; but you can also lock your Dashboard so that you don’t change it accidentally. To lock your Dashboard, just click the “Lock” next to the “Stoplight.” To unlock your Dashboard, simply click the “Lock” again or click the “Stoplight”.

The Difference Between Blue and Green Widgets

Blue widgets are Action Widgets — When clicked they do a single action; create a transaction, start a signing, etc.

Green widgets are Information Widgets — They reveal information about a section of your account and provide one-click access to it.

Example: Clicking on the first item in your Transactions Information widget will open the last-modified transaction. Clicking one of the items at the top of the list in your Documents Information widget will open one of the last-modified documents.

Use a mix of Action and Information widgets to achieve quick access to the most important parts of your Transaction Desk software!

BONUS TIP! Did you notice that the Information widgets have opposing arrows in their upper-right corners? These are for sorting the contents of the widget.

Example:The Transaction Widget has Last Modified as the default sorting option, but you can adjust it to show Date Created, Closing Date, Listing Date and Listing Expiration Date. The Transaction Widget has more choices for sorting than most. Many of the other Information widgets will allow sorting by Last Modified or Date Created only.