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September 11, 2017
The Paragon Collab Center provides a lot of information for clients

When logging into the Collab Center for the first time a consumer sees a guide to how the Collab Center works. They are always presented with updated listings, not all the current matches.

You can read here how to set up a contact and add a saved search to use the Collab Center.

What the client sees when they first log in

On the top left-side they see updates and new matches

On the top right-side they see undecided listings, and those they have marked favorite, possible or rejected

On the left they can filter by saved search or category

On a mobile device the click on the blue circle on the top left to see the filter options

What the filter looks like

Get Driving Directions from your phone via ShowingTime

You can get driving directions from property to property on your smart phone (iOS or Android) using ShowingTime.

Step 1: Set up your ShowingTime profile

Step 2: Install ShowingTime app on your phone & authenticate

Step 3: Create ShowingCart of the properties for which directions are needed

To Create the ShowingCart select listings then click "Actions" and choose "ShowingTime"

Choose order for properties manually or using "Smart Route"

Step 4: View ShowingCart on ShowingTime App

Step 5: Click on "Car" to get directions from your map/ GPS App

Then you're on your way to see the properties with navigation from your phone.