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September 05, 2017
IMLS Map tools to see flood plain
There are a few ways that you can search for listings and if they are in the flood plain.

In Paragon:
Open the Search Criteria Screen (Search --> Residential)
Click on the Search By Map Line (Or click on the globe icon)

Position your map where needed for your search (click and drag the map or enter an address)
Draw the shape that you want for your search (polygon, rubber band, or radius)

Click on the "Layers" button and choose "Flood Plain" or any layer needed

The Flood Plain layer displays with the listings on the map

Click "Search Now" to display Search Results

To View The Flood Plain with search results:

After running the search, under the "Reports" menu on the right choose "Bing Map"

Click on the "Layers" Button and choose "Flood Plain"

CRS Data Also can provide map layers
Click for information

RPR Also has map layers
Click for information
Instanet iOS app - access Instanet from your iPhone
The Transaction Desk app is available for iPhone and iPad.

Use the new TransactionDesk App on your iPhone® or iPad® to start and manage all of your listing, sale and lease transactions.

Customizable Agent, Broker and Transaction Dashboards enable you to setup the App to allow quick access to all of the information and functionality.

Keep in touch, communicate with your clients and company, share documents, forms and information with your clients.

Prepare and Send documents, forms and contracts to be Esigned using Authentisign functionality.

Create, fill and manage all of your local real estate forms and contracts using the TransactionDesk App.

Use automated checklists to track action items making sure transactions are completed on time, every time.

Includes a full featured document editor – markup and edit documents using features such as merge, slice, free hand draw, highlight, add text, strike out and redact.

Access and use documents directly from your iPad® or iPhone® by using the “Open In” feature on your device.

Click Here to download

Install Video

Android can access Instanet Trasactiondesk from the browser on the Android phone.

As an Android user you already have the ability to do the two main things the TransactionDesk iOS App was created for. :

Document upload. Because your Android device has a virtual hard drive, you can already upload documents to TransactionDesk. Again, no app required on your Android phone or tablet!

Contacts import. We’re already integrated with Google Contacts and you can import your Google contacts into a transaction anytime – when using your phone, tablet or computer. No app required.