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  • Listing Input Tip: Two Houses on a Lot
  • Use CRS Data to find Property Information / Lot Measurements
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August 28, 2017
How to enter a listing when there are TWO houses on a lot:
There have been recent questions about how to do this. It is important that the listing information reflect the actual property information. Use the following guidelines.

Residential Listings:
  • Only the MAIN property square footage is counted for the APX SQ FT field
  • “Separate Living Quarters” can be used
  • Additional square footage noted in the Remarks

Residential Income Listings:
  • Each house listed as separate unit
  • Square footage calculated separately
Simple Property Search | CRS Data
Performing a Simple Property Search in CRS Data to get prop info & lot measurements

After logging into the system, your first step for locating property information is to perform a search for listings that match your chosen criteria. First, choose one or more counties to search. Just select the box shown below and choose from the dropdown list that appears. You can even begin typing a county name to narrow down the list you see:

After choosing your counties, you can easily search by owner’s name, street name, subdivision, parcel, or MLS number. Just select the circle next to the information type you’ll be searching by:

Then enter your search criteria in the search box and click the Submit button. If you see options pop up while you’re typing, feel free to choose the correct one. However, we find it’s usually best to perform your initial search using broad terms because that reduces the chance of accidentally filtering out necessary properties:

Once you’ve clicked submit, you’ll be taken to a new page that shows you all the properties that fit your criteria.

Feel free to read the Search Results help document for detailed information about what you’ll see on your results page.

For more information on CRS go here.

Use the Correct MLS AREA for your Listing

Listing accuracy is very important. It is used to produce correct sales statistics and in creating CMAs for property pricing. One way to make sure your listing is accurate is by using the correct IMLS area number.

To accomplish this you can use the IMLS Maps Find an area tool (http://bit.ly/IMLSAREA). Just enter the property address and then it pops up on the map.


IMLS Find and Area