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Paragon Collab Center Updates
Posted by Chris Peterson on Wednesday, November 28, 2018 at 11:42 AM
Categories: Training
Recent Updates to the Collab Center

Paragon was recently updated with enhancements to the Collab Center. The Contact Activity Widget on the Paragon home page has been updated to provide more information on the Collab Center. Use the Days Back selector to view activity up to 30 days back. Use the Edit Widget tool ( ) or the new setting in Preferences > System > Contact Manager to set the Default Days Back from 0 to 7 days. Up to 50 records will display on each tab. All activity can at any time be viewed from Contacts > View/Manage Contacts.

The Contact Activity Widget now has four tabs at the top: Activity, Comments, Searches, and Sellers.

Activity: Contacts are displayed by most visits to the Collab Center Site. Favorite (green), Possible (Blue), and Rejected (red) listings are color coded with the number in each category.

Comments: The Comments tab displays comments added by the Client in Collaboration Center. The display includes the Contact name, the Listing Number and Address for the property, and the Comment. Click the contact name to open the Manage Comments modal and reply or click the listing number to see the default Listing Detail report.

Searches: When search capability is enabled in Collaboration Center, the Searches tab displays client-created New and Modified searches. The display includes the Search name, Contact name, and number of matches. Click the Search name to view the matches in the Contact’s Collaboration Center Map view. Click # Matches to view the listings in Paragon.

Sellers: The Sellers tab displays your Active and Pending listings. The display includes the Listing address, Listing Number, and Contact, if assigned.

If a listing has been associated with one of your Contacts and Sell Side is enabled, click to go to the Contact’s Collaboration Center Seller Activity tab to view listing activity from buyers and agents: views, shares, favorites, and more.

If a listing has not been associated to a Contact, click the Assign a Contact link to add a Contact and enable the Sell Side.

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